Nov 24

Things To Assess Before Using Natural Stone Tiles For The First Time

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

The most underwhelming aspect of a house is the flooring. It determines how vibrant and comfortable your home is. Natural stone has different characteristics that make it stand out from other materials. Some people prefer using tiles that provide a better visual act than longevity, while others look for strength in the flooring material rather than being merely eye candy.

It is advised by various architects to use natural stones instead of artificial flooring to get the benefit of magnificence and stability. However, if you are buying Indian natural stone tiles for the first time, you must not miss out on the following details:


Oxidation system

There is iron present in fragmented form in natural stones. The presence of this iron can cause severe harm to your flowering when it comes in contact with outdoor elements. When iron and moisture combine, it results in rusting. Natural stones are not artificially made; they are constituted within the earth for millions of years. This is why oxidation is bound to occur with natural stones and must be taken care of.

Suitability and rating

When you are choosing to buy Indian natural stone, you must take into account your requirements. There are different tiles for different purposes. Outdoor flooring may need different materials of natural stone tiles, and an indoor one might need a distinctive one. This is because the weather inside and outside the home differs in several ways.

How slippery are the natural stone tiles?

Natural stones prove an earthy look to the entire setting, whether it is a living room or bathroom. Check the friction of the tiles before buying them. It is advised not to use those natural stone tiles with a slippery texture in bathrooms and halls to avoid accidents. Even in commercial areas, it must be suggested to utilize natural stones tiles with a higher coefficient of friction.

Classification of grades

Using natural stone tiles gives you internal satisfaction because they are environment-friendly. The grading system is mandatory for the appropriate rating of tiles. The shape, size, and width of tiles differ according to products.

Grade 1 has the best quality and uniformity in tiles. Grade 2 has excellent conditions, but it may have less durability and more defects. Grade 3 tiles are of average quality, but you might complain about rusting and chipped surfaces.

How porous is the material of Indian natural stone tiles?

The most crucial element about getting material for your flooring is the absorption capacity. When the natural stone tiles are porous, it absorbs water to a great extent. Granite and sandstones have higher water absorbance. The natural stones which are impervious are easy to maintain and do not absorb water, so go for it.

Even if the natural stone tiles are polished, they will absorb less water than any other material. This is the best feature of these tiles, and you can order them from Elegant Natural Stones. They also have the best quality granite, sandstones, and limestone in various colors and textures.


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