Nov 1

5 Amazing Limestone Ideas For Remodeling Your Luxury Home

Posted on Nov 1, 2022

Limestone is the oldest material used for the construction of homes. For example, some of the pyramids in Egypt. Limestone can be found all around the world in abundance. There are different ways to use limestone. You can use limestone blocks for the construction of walls, floors, and additional construction work. If you are looking for natural building material which is also durable and weather-resistance. It is more affordable than other stones on the market. Limestone is said to be a great choice for your home. Now you can also get the best limestone tiles from Indian Limestone Tiles Manufacturers for your dreamy home. Here are five limestone ideas you can use to implement in your new home.


Limestone As An Interior Doorways

Traditional architecture is a great way to inspire yourself to use limestone creatively. To make a unique and innovative art with limestone, you should hire a professional architect. You can revive traditional art by doing custom-craft. Ornately designed limestone doors can change a space from basic to classic. A designed exterior door can update your interior and give a charm to your home.


Limestone Designed Wall

Europe is a traditional beauty that covers limestone walls. Traditional limestone walls were known for their timeless allure, hardness, and long shelf life. Limestone walls can enhance the beauty of your yard as well as brighten the place. If you want to enlighten the landscaping then limestone walls are a perfect fit. Limestone can easily blend with green scenery.


Limestone Floor

Limestone flooring is suitable for both interior flooring and outer flooring for the yard. Limestone is water resistant which is why it is used for areas prone to wetness. Limestone flooring in the bathroom is perfect as it is anti-slip. you can use limestone as a floor anywhere. It comes with various types of neutral shades. If you have a particular theme for home decor then you can match limestone with any theme or color. The special and most beneficial thing about limestone is that it keeps the floor from becoming slippery.


Limestone Stairs

Stairs play an important part in every luxury home. If you want to update your stair work then you can use limestone stairs with a unique combination and design. You can enhance limestone with a leathered finish. Limestone is perfect for stairs as it is anti-slippery and rough.


Limestone Features

Want to renew your existing home decor? Then consider limestone refurbishing. You can do experimentation with limestone to give a new and creative look. If you want to change your boring polished limestone, then change it with a leathered finish.

Experts like Limestone Flooring Tiles India can plan your renovation and home refurbishing with limestone. It gives a traditional and vintage look to your home and you will cherish it for a long time. Limestone offers a warm and calming ambiance. Limestone offers various stunning features. From floors to kitchen countertops, limestone can enhance the overall ambiance of your home by giving quality material to your home for many years.