Jun 3

Top 7 Uses Of Indian Granite Slabs

Posted on Jun 3, 2019

Granite is a light-hued volcanic rock with grains big enough to be visible with the naked eye. It is created from the moderate crystallization of magma underneath the Earth’s surface. Granite is made predominantly out of quartz and feldspar with small measures of mica, amphiboles, and different minerals. This mineral synthesis more often gives the stone red, white, pink, or gray shading with dull mineral grains visible through the stone.

Indian Granite Slab is famous for its blend of excellence and quality. With an access of about 120 shades of granite, India produces most solid and pure Granite.

There are states in India with quarries situated in various regions of India. They appreciate the assortment in color. Being one of the top manufacturers, supplier, and exporter of Granite and other stones, there are vast number of Granite reserves here. These Indian Granite Slabs are perfect for counter-tops, wall cladding, flooring, pavements, and many other interior as well as exterior applications.

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Why Choose Granite For Your Home and Business?

Granite has been in use since the ancient times in both inside and outside applications. Polished and rough-cut granite is utilized in bridges, paving, buildings, and many other external applications. Polished Indian Granite Slabs and tiles are utilized in stair tracks, tile floors, countertops, and numerous other enhancing and practical features.

High cost frequently diminishes the popularity of construction material, and granite regularly costs altogether more than man-made materials. Be that as it may, granite is regularly chosen since it is a prestige material, utilized in projects to create impressions of style, enduring quality, and durability.

Uses Of Granite

• Patios and Paths

• Gorgeous floors

• Building blocks and external cladding

• Bathroom flooring and backsplashes

• Staircases and Granite Mantels

• Kitchen Worktops

Benefits Of Indian Granite Slabs

• Granite is accessible in all variety and range of colors. The patterns in these rocks are very attractive and have characteristics.
• Granite is also highly resistant to moisture or water so it can be a perfect choice for the kitchen as well as bathrooms.
• Granite is also known to be resistant to bacteria, allergen, and hypoallergenic making it a hygienic option to use in residential as well as commercial spaces.
• Having a highly shiny surface, granite slabs are easy to maintain and can remain spotless and shiny for the lifetime with mopping and regular sweeping.
• The shading of grading never fades away and always looks the same and shiny throughout its lifetime.
• Granites can also withstand very high temperatures making it fire resistant and making it appropriate for installation in the kitchens.
• Granites are also resistant to acidic fluids and do not get damaged easily as they are also durable.
• Granite slabs add value to your home as it makes your home look shiny and beautiful. Furthermore, it can help increase the resale value of your home in the future.
• The extraordinary patterns make the granite slabs look beautiful and add a touch of beauty to your home.

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