Sep 23

Indian Natural Quartzite Stone: Standing Tough Yet Beautiful!

Posted on Sep 23, 2019

Quartz is the most healing and energy amplifier substance on earth! Yes! The Indian Natural Quartzite Stone has the most healing properties, and this is why most of the people in the Indian industry choose this stone for its rich and lustrous appearance. This is basically a metamorphic rock that is formed from sandstone and is a very strong and hard one. Due to the tectonic movements that take place within the earth, this natural quartzite stone has a very different look and texture compared to its origin rock. The best part about it is its strength due to the extensive silica crystal locking; it never breaks naturally in between the crystal. It is always the outer layer that is broken. Orthoquartzite is the purest form of Quartzite.

Yet another distinguishing characteristic of the Indian Natural Quartzite Stone is that it is a non-foliated rock. It is resistant to any form of liquid or acid, and hence it is the most preferred material for the outdoors of houses or buildings so as to stay strong amidst acid rain or excessive sunlight. As far as its availability is concerned, there are Mica Green, Copper, Himachal Black, Himachal White, Himachal Green, Ocean Green, Gold Green, Ostrich Grey, etc. to choose from.<\p>

Indian Natural Quartzite Stone

Fusion, natural stone quartzite from Brazil, is a unique and colorful quartzite. Arizona Tile carries Fusion in natural stone quartzite slabs.

There are a lot of benefits of Indian Natural Quartzite Stone that makes it the number one choice of people for interiors as well as exteriors of their buildings. Some of the benefits are:

Zero Maintenance

As it is a tough and solid stone, it can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions as well as excessive sunlight. There is no need to worry about its wear and tear.

Highly Durable

The material that this stone is made up of is highly durable and lasts long. The slabs made from this stone are renowned for providing stability to the entire building. It can also resist abrasion.

Color Galore

The best part is that the stone is available in various colors to suit the exterior or interiors of the building or a house. The attractive shades and hues are of black, red, blue, grey, green, etc.

Indian Natural Quartzite Stone

Natural quartzite stone bricks texture for design backgrounds and covers

D for D├ęcor

Yet another benefit is that unlike other stones which are in simple earthy hues, this stone has a glossy touch on the surface, and hence is the best solution for interiors in offices and homes. Showpieces, as well as decorative items made from this stone, are highly preferred.

So, this magnificent stone is used for various purposes because of its mere arrangement of the crystals as well as beauty and the strength that it carries. People use it for pathways, staircases, exterior as well as interior decorative, thereby giving a distinctive look to the house or the workplace. Moreover, it is also used for kitchen cabinets and countertops giving an appealing overall look. Elegant Natural Stones is a one-stop solution for all the stone related concerns.

It is also used in the crushed form as railway ballast. Quartzite countertops complement its placement with steel and wooden modular kitchen cabinets and it also gives an aesthetic appeal to surroundings.