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Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed when quartz sandstone goes through a constant process of metamorphism. The extreme heat & pressure causes quartz grains to squeeze together resulting in the formation of a dense quartzite. Its density makes it resistant to volatile weather and erosion. Indian Quartzite Slabs & Tiles are fireproof and non-slippery in nature. They are extensively used in roofing, flooring and wall-cladding. Its glossy surface, sleek appearance and smooth texture makes it a perfect choice for landscaping. Quartzite grains are widely used in outdoor space and garden paths as they are easy to walk on. Its nonporous quality is a big advantage as it prevents the growth of bacteria & mold.

We at Elegant Natural Stones, offer our clients premium quality Quartzite Stone and Quartzite tiles that will beautify the interior and exterior.


Durability: Looking for toughness and stability in your construction project then Quartzite is the material that you require. Indian Quartzite Slabs are well-known for resisting abrasion and providing the overall stability to the structure of the building.

Maintenance Free: It easily withstand harshest climatic condition, so you don’t need to be bothered about wear and tear, it is maintenance free natural stone. Its hardness is a big advantage it makes it even resistant to any kind of chemically induced changes as well as chemical changes.

Decorative items: Indian Quartzite Tiles have a glossy surface which makes them an ideal material for making showpieces & decorative items. That’s why they are widely used in interiors of offices & homes.

Colors: It comes in an array of eye-catching shades such as blue, black, red, green and gray etcetera. So you have more options at disposal when it comes to choosing Indian Quartzite Tiles & Slabs as a building material.

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