Granite Marble Stone Pillars Supplier India

Stone pillars are widely used in the construction industry to sustain the weight of the structure & provide maximum stability to the building.

We at Elegant Natural Stones offer carved and un-carved stone column manufactured from superior quality natural stone. These pillars are strong, durable and needs almost no maintenance. They are extensively used in gardens, homes and monuments; it simply transforms the area with its artistic appearance.

We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Marble Pillars, Handcrafted Pillars, Sandstone Pillars, Round Pillars, and Square Pillars in magnificent design & patterns.

These stones have been used from ancient times, there is history is almost 2000 years old. In the excavation of Mesopotamian and Indus Valley Civilizations historians & archaeologists have extracted stone pillars. This shows that people knew about the significance and importance of stone pillars at that time too.

If we look at this from structural engineering point of view, then we can say in simple words that they are a columns or pillars that support the weight of the complete structure. It does this by transferring the weight of the structure that is above the columns to the lower side of pillars. Now the weight of structure is equally divided so it creates equilibrium. In places prone to earth quake, storms and tornado the stone columns are customized to give maximum stability to the structure.

We, Elegant Natural Stones offer our clients high quality decorative stone pillars crafted out of supreme quality natural stones. If you are looking for maintenance free, durable and strong genuine natural stone pillars then we are the undisputed leaders.

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