Natural Stone Processing

An extracted, cut and polished stone is an object of marvel and captivating beauty. It can improve the aesthetics of your house, office, garden or any other place where it is used. It takes a lot of effort to add that sheen and glamour to a normal piece of stone. This is achieved through the processing of stone through a series of steps.

The natural stones are processes through two stages viz. Stone quarrying and Stone processing. The processing of stones begins at a quarry. Huge blocks of stones are extracted at the quarry. The extraction of blocks is done through four stages. They are Primary cut, bank overturning, Cutting bank in marketable blocks and material handling.

In cases where the deposit characteristics are insufficient, all the four stages are not involved. In such cases, blocks of marketable dimensions are produced directly.

Natural Stone Processing

The cutting technique used depends on the type of stone. Once cut, the blocks are sent to the processing units, and the waste is sent to the disposal units with the help of trucks and loaders. Once the blocks from the quarry reach the processing unit, they undergo a series of stages that transform them into final products. In today's market, high quality polishing and highly accurate dimensions are very important.

The processing phase is extremely vital for natural stone industry. The commercial value and the processing cost of all natural stones are not the same. Different stones have different processing cycle, require different machines and employ different technology. Generally, the processing of natural stones is carried in the following stages viz. Block squaring, sawing them into slabs, polishing of slabs, cutting slabs into strips, cutting strips into tiles and finishing.

Latest machines and state of the art technology are used to produce finished stones that are at par with international quality standards.

Natural Stone Processing Specification
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