Sandstone Paving Slabs Manufacturer India

We at Elegant Natural Stones offer an array of sandstone slabs and sandstone tiles suitable for commercial and domestic use. These extremely hard sedimentary rocks are produced because of the densification and consolidation of sand solidly held together by natural cement like silica.

The natural magnificence, sturdiness, porosity and resistance to tough climatic conditions makes it a popular choice of homeowners, architects and contractors looking for combining contemporary design with durability.

Looking at the history will tell us how these stones have been widely used in architecture throughout the world. Rajasthani Pink sandstones were extensively used in the construction of Swaminarayan Temple in Delhi. Red sandstones were used in construction of historical Red Fort also known as Lal Kila. This is the reason it widely used in decoration of interior & exterior including paving, flooring, landscaping, cladding of walls & floors.

The other famous places where these natural stones are used include one of the biggest forts in India located in Sun City Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort & Umaid Bhawan Palace. When it comes to sandstones Rajasthan is undoubtedly the treasure trove of these beautiful natural stones.

This stone is going to be perfect for your home if you are looking for a stone with rich legacy. Apart from this let us go through some of other benefits – the first and the foremost it has moderately low thermal conductivity, so the interiors are warm in winter and cool in summer, thus it is going to cut down electricity bills.

Its toughness and durability makes it almost maintenance free. Another remarkable feature of sandstones is that it can be combined with materials like wood, concrete & steel. This makes it the top choice of architects for both commercial & residential projects. We are the most reliable manufacturer & supplier of various kinds and sizes of sandstones.

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