Natural Honed Stone Finishes

Stones have different types of textures and finishes depending on their type and properties. Each stone undergoes a rigorous stone processing cycle to provide its surface an attractive finish or texture. Stones surfaced are broadly categorized into seven types depending on their texture or finish.

1. Natural surfaces: This type of surface texture is attained by a ripping a stone along its cleavage so as to expose its natural texture or grain. This provides the undulating surface a superb finish or surface texture that has natural clefts, providing the surface a natural appearance.

2. Honed surfaces: Such surfaces are produced grinding the surface of the stone using a high grit material to produce a non reflective finish. These surfaces are not as shiny as polished surfaces; they just acquire a slight sheen with the help of a polishing head. These surfaces are quite porous and extremely smooth. They are used for table tops, novelty items, residential flooring, etc.

3. Sawn Surfaces: Such surfaces are achieved by making saw cuts on the surface of a stone by using a gang saw. They are semi-smooth and coarsely polished. The surfaced with such finish are used for landscape designs, walls, design applications, patios, gate entries, etc.

Natural Honed Stone Finishes

4. Bush Hammered Surfaces: Such surface textures are achieved through hammering action on them. They have a grooved or pitted surface finish.

5. Polished Surfaces: Such surfaces have a very smooth and reflective finish. The reflective finish or shine is achieved with the help of polishing bricks and polishing powder during the fabrication process. Polishing does not impact the porosity of the stone and can be performed on crystalline surfaces only. The process exposes the vivacious grains and natural colors of the stone. Surfaces with such finish are used wall claddings, table tops, fireplace facings, novelty items, lavatory tops, countertops, etc.

6. Flamed Surfaces: Such surfaces have a rough finish that is achieved by heating the stone. The crystals of the stone burst on heating to produce an uneven textured finish. The color, vein and particulate patterns of such stones differ for different blocks. The surfaces with such finish are used for fireplace facings, fire resistant work surfaces and chemistry labs.

7. Sand Blasted Surfaces: Such surfaces are achieved by directing a high-pressure airline coarse-grained grit towards the surface of the stone. They have a cleft-like finish and a matte glossed texture.

Natural Honed Stone Finishes India
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