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Elegant Natural Stones Private Limited is an ISO 9001 2000 certified company, recognized by the government of India, dealing in natural stones. It is one of the most respected and trusted companies providing natural stones both within India and abroad. It deals with more than a dozen companies world-wide. The company is gaining popularity and world-wide admiration day by day, and a large number of customers are adding to its customer base, not just from India but from all corners of the world. It is just a matter of days that ENS would emerge as the biggest dealer of natural stones.

The name of ENS is synonymous to dignified gracefulness, beauty and style of natural stones. Its stones are the preferred choice for the top construction companies. It provides all types of natural stones used in the construction of buildings. It also deals in sculptures made of natural stones. The vivid natural stones can produce a mesmerizing array of colors in your residential and commercial properties. The wide range of stones is breath-taking. These stones when used in construction of buildings, can beauty them in such a way that could only be imagined in the past. The quality of the stones makes them long-lasting and is the key to eternal beauty.

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The foundation of ENS is supported by two firm pillars viz. Quality and Affordability. Apart from the ISO 9001 2000 certification, it also has quality certifications from CAPEXIL (Chemical and Allied Export Promotion Council of India) and CDOS (Centre for Development of Stones) that further assure the clients about the adherence to high quality. It is also a member of All India Granite and Stone Association, the apex body for natural stones. ENS ensures that all its products pass through rigorous quality checks and have a seal of genuine quality assurance before getting delivered to the customers. The company ensures delivering quality at each step starting from extraction of the stones from a quarry till the time they are delivered to the doorsteps of customers. It also takes utmost care to deliver the consignments to customers without any kind damage on the way. This is possible by taking extreme precautions and using state of the art packaging material.

ENS also offers the best price of its products for its clients. The products are of the most superior quality, but they are not at expensive. You can get the best at the most affordable prices. It also has outlets at various prime locations where the customer can experience himself the beauty and quality of various natural stones sold by the company.

The adherence to quality, customer-centricity and affordable prices of its products, are making ENS the preferred choice for builders, construction companies and other types of customers. It would not be long when ENS would emerge as the leader in the field of natural stones.

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