Granite Cobble Stone Flooring Tiles Supplier India

The cobblestones are the perfect alternative to heavy concrete cobblestone slabs. They are resistant to fire, needs less maintenance and needs no paint that makes them the ideal choice for house yard, pavement and building cobblestone streets.

Cobbles are available in a variety of attractive patterns and unique shapes and colors. This flexibility and refreshing look that it adds to the area have made it the popular choice for paving garden, pool area and even the courtyard.

Earlier these stones were collected from riverbeds; today there is wide variety of choices like cobbles made out of granite, sandstone, slatestone and limestone.

It doesn’t matter which cobblestone you opt for, all of them have excellent durability. Any kind of damage or wear and tear can be repaired by simply replacing the affected area. The choice and patterns you will come across is endless. Some people like to go for the classical look while other would love to give a modern touch. Whatever cobblestone you are going to chose for your home it’s going to be wonderful and the future generation will also enjoy its beauty.

There is no second thought that cobblestone pavers add beauty to place but also increases the value of the home. Laid in innovative patterns they will add charm to the landscape. Numerous patterns can be easily formed; it principally depends on the contractor or construction worker. These are absolutely something that every homeowner should consider.

We at Elegant Natural Stone have cobble tiles in different finishes such as machine cut, handcut, all side natural and much more in an array of size & thickness that you can use for creating innovative floor designs to cladding, pedestrian area to walking area.

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