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Jalis are famous from the ages of the Kings and Queens, these handmade windows infuses life into the building. In ancient times, they were used in homes as they allowed light and air to easily pass through them. A look at the Indian Forts, Palaces, and Havelis shows they were the first choice of Royals; the best example is Taj Mahal where you will see exquisite Marble Jalis.

We at, Elegant Natural Stones have revived the early style of making Stone Jalis. We offer our clients Sandstone Jali, Marble Jali, and Granite Jali in an array of shapes and size. We also make customized Jalis as per client specification. The designs we offer are unparallel – Mughal period window framework will help you create the magic of Mughal era; Floral Framework will look great in the area overlooking garden; Exquisite trellis with innovative design and wonderful framework is perfect for roof top fencing. Our classic designs, supreme quality and customer centered approach has a made us the leading manufacturer & supplier of Stone Jalis.

Jalis are back in trend now. Now you will see lots of building especially newly constructed hotel having these in bedrooms, drawing rooms, and balcony. One of the reasons is that the foreigners love this ancient look, you will hardly see any building in the old times that doesn’t had these kinds of jalis.

It is like giving a royal touch to the entire scenario. There are buildings today that have very contemporary design but the traditional look scores over them. The stone jalis with intricate designs on them were seen back in 17th century.

Today, modern interior designers are using stone jalis on roof top and windows that will surely catch attention and admiration of even passers.

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