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Stone Painting holds a significant place in the history. The earlier paintings by primitive man give insight into their lives and tradition. Indian paintings have always been famous; earlier they were widely seen in caves, ancient temples and palaces. The time has changed, but still painting remains the most sought after medium to express nature and life.

The stone paintings are creatively done on Marble, Sandstone, Limestone and Granite. These creative work of art are ideal for homes, offices, entrance hall, and foyer. This will leave the onlookers mesmerized and they are going to appreciate your rich taste in art.

We at Elegant Natural Stones have a magnificent collection of contemporary and traditional painting on stones; it includes painting of birds, animals, jewelry, historical monument, nature and images from Mughal era.

We have a team of highly skilled artisans who have tremendous experience of painting and drawing on natural stones that will leave you enthralled. We have a huge collection of stone paintings that we keep updating on a regular basis.

You can get these paintings customized as per your needs. Apart from this, if you have some specific painting or image in mind, you can tell us, our artisans would be glad to portray your imagination beautifully in form of painting on natural stones.

Believe us, there is nothing more astonishing than seeing your imagination in form of unique stone painting.

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