Natural Stone Applications

Elegant Natural Stones Private limited is one of the market leaders in the field of natural stones. It offers a wide range of natural stones varying in colors, shapes, sizes and types. It provides tiles and slabs with different surface textures and edges. It has a round the year shipment facility for all its products. The shipment is sent with utmost care, using state of the art packaging solutions. The customer does not suffer any en-route damages and receives his order in an impeccable and perfect state. The company has earned great recognition for its products both in national and international markets. It has a large customer base because of the exceptional quality and a wide variety of its products. Its products can be put to several uses to produce amazing effects.

Some of most common uses of slabs and tiles of natural stones are as follows:

1. Wall Cladding: Several types of natural stones can be used for cladding exterior and interior walls of residential and commercial places. These stones can beautify and add glamour to any wall surface. Slabs and tiles of various stones such as Granite, Slate or Sandstone can be used for wall cladding. Wall cladding slabs and tiles are long-lasting, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping. They serve as an ideal interior decoration option and add great functionality and aesthetics to any place.

2. Flooring: ENS offers a large variety of natural stone tiles that can be used for flooring. The tiles are weather-resistant and very long-lasting. Many natural stones such as Marble, Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, etc. are used to produce flooring slabs and tiles.

Natural Stone Applications

3. Roofing: The Company offers a diverse range of roofing tiles made of slate and sandstone. It even offers customized roofing tiles in accordance to the requirements and demands of the customers. These tiles are very durable and have weather-resistant properties.

4. Stone Paving: The Company offers a wide range of natural stones that can be used for stone paving. One can creatively use a wide variety of pebbles, cobbles, sandstone and limestone to produce mesmerizing paths through the gardens or courtyards. The natural stones can be used to create beautiful effects without worrying about their durability or longevity.

5. Landscaping: Decorative stone pebbles, cobbles, tiles and slabs can be used for creating beautiful landscapes in a garden. This process greatly beautifies gardens and interiors. It can also substantially increase the value of any residential or commercial property. ENS is the favourite choice of several famous builders and construction companies for its landscaping solutions.

6. Bullnose, Risers & Steps: The Company offers a wide variety of Bullnose, steps and rises that can be used during the construction of a commercial or residential property. They are made of sandstone, marble, granite, limestone or other types of natural stones. The company also provides customized solutions using different colors or material to match with the preferences of the customers. These products can provide an elegant, impressive and wonderful look to any building.

Elegant Natural Stones Private Ltd is a firm believer of quality. Its products are known for their quality and match international quality standards. One can use its products for several uses besides the ones that are mentioned above.

Natural Stone Applications India
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