Stone Edges

The edges of a tile or slab play an amazing role in improving the overall appearance of a stone. The edges of various types can be used to create marvelous effects on ceilings, floorings or any interior or exterior appearance. Different types of edges can be achieved by cutting a stone in different ways. There are primarily three types of edges viz. Machine cut or Sawn, Hand chiseled or hand dressed and Chamfered or beveled.

1. Machine cut or Sawn edges: These are the most commonly used types of edges. The slabs or tiles with such edges are easy to use as they are fine and the construction worker does not have to put too much of an effort to fit them. Such edges are obtained with the help of a high speed rolling cutter blade that produce edges with an angle perpendicular to the surface of the stone.

Stone Edges

2. Hand chiseled or hand dressed edges: Such edges are generally used for stones with natural surface finish. The stones are first cut into tiles of various shapes and sizes, and then a professional worker manually produces smooth hand chiseled edges. The finish of these edges is almost identical to the surface of the stone. Slabs and tiles with such edges are generally used for exterior walls and pavements.

3. Chamfered or beveled: Such edges are produced through the process of sawing and polishing. The slabs or tiles with such edges have an elegant and classic appearance and can greatly beautify any exterior or interior walls. They are commonly used as kitchen tops or table tops.

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Stone Edges India
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