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These stones have varied level of hardness, porosity and strength. Its natural grace, finish and availability in a variety of earth tone colors makes it a good choice for architecture, wall cladding, flooring and roofing. The fireproof and slip-resistant Slatestone come in dark grey, black, greenish gray, ocean green, and purplish grey shades. Slate tiles are cost effective and available in a plethora of shapes and design such as a rectangular, triangular, square, irregular, and even custom made shape. The unique look and pattern will captivate onlooker’s heart when laid artistically in floors, roofs, kitchen slabs and kitchen backsplash paving.

We at Elegant Natural Stones provides you with state-of-the-art Slate Wall Tiles, Slate Floor Tiles, Outdoor Slate tiles and Slate Roof tiles to rejuvenate your home & office.

A time when everyone is concerned about nature, it is always good to go with something that is environmental friendly; here you can say slate stones are 100% natural.

Its first advantage is its longevity whether it is used as slate roof; cladding or flooring; long life makes it a definite plus point from environmental point of view. Its density leads to stability of temperature in the stature, so it is surely going to cut-down the energy cost.

The general flooring requires regular mopping & cleaning with floor cleaning liquids or detergents, but with slate flooring, you can just relax as it requires almost no maintenance.

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