Nov 25

Which Gemstones Are the Best Fit for Home Furniture Countertops?

Posted on Nov 25, 2022

Gemstone countertops, such as those used in kitchen furniture, are frequently employed. The production of gemstone countertops is comparable to that of Exotic Quartz Stone Countertops

It is similar to resin or epoxy-infused gem bits, albeit the crystalline fragments are bigger. To create a specific aesthetic, you may also add a piece of stained wood or a huge granite to the mixture of stones.

Modern countertops are a great supplement to any room, particularly when LED lights are used as the backlight. With gem worktops, you can very much locate any colour under the sun, and the distinctive tabletop is becoming more and more well-liked because of its bright appearance.



Which Gemstones Are the Best Fit for Home Furniture Countertops?


1. Amethyst


The purple hue fluctuation of this crystal stone is its defining feature. The radiation, ferrous contaminants, as well as other trace minerals present in amethyst crystals, are responsible for the purple hue and complicated structure. 

The endurance of the amethyst rock, which has a Mohs hardness rating of 7, is very well recognized in addition to its characteristic purple colour. This is the most suggested gemstone countertop by Natural Stones Suppliers in India.


2. Agate


A classic chalcedony and quartz-rich rocky outcrop. From olden history, agate gemstones have already been utilised in rough cutting to create jewellery as well as other decorative items. The much more prominent colours it exhibits are red, yellow, magenta, cyan, and different shades of natural colour.

The primary sources of these tiny crystals are igneous and tectonic materials. You can anticipate seeing a range of behaviours, colour intensities, and forms in an agate stone tabletop arrangement. The aforementioned variances are a result of the various temperature and pressure conditions that existed during its development.


3. Blue Agate


Blue agate is among the most widely used agates for countertops. The countertop element blue agate is amazing. It balances the vitality in the entire building and can be used to soften up the areas in your bedroom or bathroom. 

Because of their lustre, blue agate countertops are perfect for murals and counters that are illuminated. Blue agate countertops look stunning with pale oak cabinets.


4. Brown Agate


The brownstones in brown agate are indeed the absolute reverse of the dazzling blue gems in blue agate. The brown agate countertop is quiet and pleasant and is perfect for kitchens and restrooms. 

The family’s overall quality of life as well as the success of the residence are said to be enhanced by the gemstone. Brown agate countertops go well with cupboards of all hues, especially white and unfinished timber.


5. Green Agate


Your engagement will be captured by the magnificent emerald countertop known as green agate. There are numerous hues of green agate countertops, comprising pale yellow, turquoise, woods, greys, and blacks. 

The wellness and endurance of your entire body are said to be enhanced by green agate. Green agate countertops make a great impression when coupled with black woodwork.


6. White Crystal Agate


The white crystalline agate countertop has a classy appearance. The gorgeous crystal countertop provides a sense of elegance and makes the area feel light and spacious in the restroom or kitchen.  These could be matched with coloured counters and dark-stained wood surfaces.


7. Black Obsidian


Black obsidian is the ideal material to use if you desire black stone countertops. Black provides every room with a sophisticated impression because it is the colour of wealth and elegance.


8. Carnelian


A gorgeous crystal with a reddish-orange colour is called carnelian. In contrast to other crystal countertops, carnelian shines with a flaming intensity under backlighting.