Mar 21

3 tips to clean your marble easily at home

Posted on Mar 21, 2017

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that can be used for wide range of applications. Ranging from beautiful kitchen countertops to flooring in your bathroom, marble is among one of the most versatile natural stones. You would certainly see a lot of marble usage in your home.

Marble is considered one of the most durable and strong natural stone, but with time, it can too, get tarnished if not properly cared. People often have misconception that they can clean marble the way they can clean other natural stones like granite, but NO. Comparatively, marble is a softer stone that needs to be maintained regularly, otherwise, the charm of the stone can be lost, because it is more susceptible to chipping, staining, and chemical etching.

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It is therefore, very important that you take care for marble at your place with the right approach and right products. If you are wondering how can you clean your marble without any professional assistance, easily at your home, some of the best ways to do it have been mentioned below:

1. Keep a consistent cleaning schedule.

One of the best ways to avoid scratching and tarnishing of marble is to ensure that the marble surface is cleaned often and the debris and other form of dirt is removed regularly.  Also, make sure, whenever you step ahead to clean the marble, you must first remove the dirt and the debris off the surface, because it is often the rubbing of sand and dirt particles on marble that causes tarnishing. Furthermore, marble tends to be very susceptible to water spots, so, if you are using water to clean the surface, make sure that you wipe out all the water as soon as you are done with the cleaning.

2. Take care of spills before they stain.

Acidic substances, such as wines, soft drinks, juices, and other, can wreak havoc on a marble surface. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that whenever they spill over the marble surface, they are cleaned immediately, or otherwise they will leave stains that might be impossible to clean over time. Now, how to clean the spills? Do not follow the regular rubbing or wiping motion; it might just increase stain, rather just use a dry cloth and let the cloth soak the spill completely. Later, cleanse it with water and a wet cloth.

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3. Avoid sitting or placing heavy objects on marble.

Always keep in mind that marble is way more fragile than it seems to be. Therefore, it is always recommended to not keep heavy weight on marble tiles and countertops. Especially in the kitchen, you must be very particular about this. Avoid putting heavy pots and pans made of metal on the marble surface, because it can easily scratch the marble surface.