Oct 4

5 Best Stylish Flooring Options For Bathrooms

Posted on Oct 4, 2016

From being mere functional units, bathrooms have come a long way and have become focal points for looks and designs. The modern design wave has swept the bathroom and has made it a design accessory where designers keep experimenting with different concepts. When it comes to choosing the flooring for your bathroom, one comes across with various options and ideas that fit every taste and budget. With such a wide variety of material and combinations available, you can get creative and render a unique style to your bathroom. Options range from natural stones like marble and granite to ceramics, wooden and artificial materials like vinyl. Whatever you choose, they all make your bathroom look elegant and classy.

Let’s take a look at the options given by top Indian granite suppliers.

1    Marble or Granite
They are undoubtedly, one of the most premium choices to adorn your bathroom with. Marble or Granite fall in the category of natural stones and exhibit patterns and colours that is hard to replicate. Above all, they make the whole bathroom look regal and extravagant. Opulent and lavish are words that come to mind when one sees a granite or marble countertop/flooring. Although it is recommended that these stones should not be polished beyond a certain degree as that would make them very slippery. If you have the budget to spend and to maintain, then these natural stones are your best bet advises Indian marble wholesalers.

indian marble

2    Wooden Flooring/Laminate
Wooden or laminate flooring is another classic choice that looks very smart and is highly durable as well. Wood has good thermal insulation capabilities and can warm up the ambience. The finishes in which the laminates are available are endless thus giving you the option to choose and go for unique flooring. Water and chemical resistance is another added advantage which will save you on some maintenance. Moreover, wooden floorings are versatile and go well with any style or paint scheme.

3    Ceramics
Ceramic Tiles are the most widely used items for bathroom floorings. Easy to install and maintain, stylish and cost effective – that is the short and sweet description for ceramic tiles. There are several advantages that have made it the top choice for bathrooms. First of all they come in plenty of shades and styles that make them look equally appealing. Styles mimicking wood or even stones are available. They are water resistant, have anti slip properties and most of all very cost effective.

4    Vinyl
Vinyl sheets and tiles are the artificial counterparts of normal ceramic tiles and an excellent option for bathroom flooring. They are extremely easy to install and possess extremely sound water proofing capabilities. Besides, there are several styles and textures to pick from and create your own unique pattern. They are cost effective, low on maintenance, high on durability and look stylish.

vinyl flooring for bathrooms

5    Engineered Cork/Bamboo
Engineered Cork makes for another highly durable yet classy option. Same goes for engineered bamboo. Both are available in several styles and look and feel natural. They are the best alternative to solid or engineered wood laminates and will cost you only half as much.