Oct 26

5 Tips to choose the right natural stone tile for fireplace

Posted on Oct 26, 2015

Natural stone supplied by Indian granite suppliers have always been the most popular options for living space. From bedroom to bathrooms, the natural stones now find their rightful place in the fireplace too. A tiled fireplace gives a royal touch to the living space. Western styled homes have electrical furnaces to light up their space, but the Indian granite suppliers now ensure that stones are also preferred. Indian limestone slabs, travertine, slate and quartzite offer different looks and options to designers dealing in the fireplace models.

Here’s a list of things you must look for in a tile for fireplace space.

o    Contemporary look or antique ambience
Most buyers fail to understand the purpose of installing a fireplace space in the living room. While it is definitely a warmer, the best natural stone tiles will actually help in maintaining a constant room temperature. Before buying a fireplace model made of Indian limestone or granite, ensure that you have the right design and the concept in mind. It would save you a few hundred dollars easily.

o    Personalized Appeal: Designer’s Delight
Most designers now offer customized glass-mosaic appeal to the buyers. The personalized appeal of the Indian stone slabs is achieved by various methods. From elaborate machining to exquisite polishing, the final touch in the fireplace stones is given after it is installed. The Indian limestone and the Indian quartzite tiles are best suited for the fireplace designs if you are looking for something that reflects your personality and style quotient.

o    Energy saving Mechanism: Better than Woods
Natural stones like Indian Limestone and Indian quartzite are considered as best options for energy saving mechanisms. They are compatible with heat-saving models. Back-up heating mechanisms with electric resistance heat draw air for combustion in a systematic manner. Unlike the wood pellet fireplaces, the ones made from natural stone tiles save up to 37 per cent more energy than traditional models.

o    Versatile Looks: Pale versus Blacks
Fireplace natural stones are recommended if you have an eye for polished versatility. Best tile assortments come from the family of limestone and Indian granite. Depending on the dimensions of the room, you can opt for different colours and textures. The preferred assortments in the Western countries offered by the granite suppliers belong to the pale and black shades. Bright hues are occasionally avoided as the oxides tend to fade away in extreme temperatures.

o    Cleanliness hassles: Opt for High Quality grades
Fireplace space made of Indian granite and slate are easiest to clean. The fire can be extinguished using water or sand. The cleanliness becomes easy owing to the fact that the natural stone of highest quality are impervious to water and chemical extinguishers. They also don’t stick to the surface of the slab. If you are using the fireplace only on special occasion, the stone fireplaces may not even need cleaning. For frequent users, it is recommended that they take the services of a certified fireplace instalment agency and cleaning executive.