Jan 12

A look at top 5 Granite Colours to Create a Magical Bathroom area

Posted on Jan 12, 2016

Are you looking for a ravishing series of granite flooring tiles and slabs for your bathroom? Unlike other natural stones, Indian granite wholesalers offers wide range of colours, textures and patterns that can transform any area into a superlative space. Be it the natural brown of the wet soil or the sea moss footing, granite varieties won’t disappoint you. Moreover, if you are investing a good chunk into reinventing your bathroom design, Indian granite slabs varieties supplied by Indian Granite Supplier have a longer life span and stronger resilience against daily wear-tear regime.

Here’s a quick take on the 5 best granite colours to build a bathroom you always dreamt of!

1    Salt and Pepper
Bring in a quotient of antiquated brilliance into your bathroom with the classical Salt and Pepper granite slabs. Inspired by the medieval royalty, this variety is the most sought after colour in the series. With slight variations in the pattern and the shade, you can create a mosaic of ideas at one place. It can easily blend with contemporary bathroom fittings. You must try the black-white contrasts with this variety to elevate the overall lighting.

Salt and Pepper granite

2    Gray granite
Simple and easy on the eyes, this granite variety is ideal for smaller, compact bathrooms. Sinks, toilet set-ups and bath tubs made of granite can all be well coordinated with the flooring and the wall claddings. Gray granite is easy available and can be blended with other colours with satisfactory results. Use gray granite with hazy clouds to maintain the arty appearance of the bathroom. Refrain from buying darker shades as they eventually fade away, giving the area a mossy look.

gray granite

3    Absolute Black
If you have a bathroom with abundant lighting in the area, we recommend Absolute Black to grace your bathroom and shower areas. The concept of using the Marron Cohiba is a raging concept in contemporary houses. Absolute Black Indian granite gels well with the traditional marble and quartzite series as well. You can use it sparingly and still invent an absolutely brilliant and novel bathroom concept. Sparkling oxides give an illuminated effect to the space if you use minimalistic lighting.

absolute black granite

4    RainBow Granite
It takes courage to experiment with this series of Indian granite slabs. It is a fascinating play of colours but hard to match expectations. If you have a small 2-IN-1 bathroom/toilet area, rainbow granite is the top choice. With over hundred different shades in the same square feet tile, you have a great way to taste multiple colours in the same area. If you plan to install an enclosed standing shower in the area, Rainbow granite won’t disappoint you for sure with its cascading waterfall facade.

rainbow granite

5    Magma Gold
Retain a touch of copper in the bathroom. Takes courage, though! Magma gold variety is a black-white granite with golden and copper veins running along its centre. It has undertones of blue-green too. Highly prized for its exclusivity, this variety is the showstopper in the series of granite tiles and slabs preferred for Master spas and larger-sized bathroom designs.

magma gold granite