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A look at top 6 Edge Profiles for Indian Granite Slab

Posted on Dec 4, 2015

Indian granite is the most preferred material to build contemporary countertops. The granites supplied by Indian granite wholesaler are known to last a lifetime, its hardness and durability remain the most fascinating aspect of investing in countertops from Indian natural stone market. With over 100 different varieties and colours to choose from, there are many ways the Indian granite countertops can be installed in modern and traditional kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and even board rooms. If you are looking for a quick guide on selecting the most suitable edge for your granite countertops, here is your opportunity.

Before buying any granite countertop from Indian Granite Supplier, remember one thumb rule. Granite is tough and requires elaborate machining process. If you are looking for a good edge profile, try to go with smoother contours. Projections and sharp corners chip away and are difficult to recreate.

Here are 6 edge profiles that any granite slab will fit into the preferred silhouette.

1.    Straight Edges
They are flat at all corners and retain a smooth finish. It is the most conventional edge profile preferred by traditional home builders. It takes less machining and guarantees minimum chipping. Granite slabs with the straight edges are perfect for kitchens that require cleaner concepts. For a simple yet elegant kitchen design, straight edge profile is the first option you must try.
If you have a small kid at home, avoid straight edges for obvious reasons.

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2.    Bevel edge
This is a modified straight edge with declining profile. Preferred for board rooms and kitchen sinks, granite countertops with this profile are available as per customized designs.

3.    Extended Bevel
A blend of straight and extended straight profile, this requires additional machining and joints. It is often used where concealing of material underneath the countertops is required.

4.    Straight with an Apron
This is a simple joint profile, similar to bevel but with two straights. This profile is no longer preferred as it is neither aesthetically appealing nor saves on cost.

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5.    Radius Profile
There are two types of radius profiles:
o    Straight radius
o    Extended radius
The radius profile has smoothened corner to give the granite countertops a chic finish.

6.    Pencil Curve
One of the most popular and aesthetically elegant contours on granite countertops is the Pencil curve. It has a rounded edge that harmoniously fits into any kitchen, bathroom and living area designs. Modified versions of curved edge profiles are:
o    Demi Bull Nose
o    Full Bull Nose
o    Tuscan Curve
o    O’Gee (With/ Without Bull Nose)
o    O’Gee over Full bull Nose

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Corners of straight edged countertop are rounded off to avoid damage to the material. The degree of curve depends on the look and demand of the design. Sharper slabs suit smaller kitchens. Sleeker kitchens have a basic edge profile of 30 degree with base thickness of 2-3 centimetres. Curved profiles have a thickness of up to 4 centimetres.

Apart from the regular straight and curved profiles, modern granite manufacturers also offer fanciful contours like Versailles, Chiselled and Roman Ovallo.