Sep 1

Best 5 Ways to Use Indian Sandstone to Increase the Worth of Your Home

Posted on Sep 1, 2015

Indian Sandstone is popular as one of the most durable, tough and elegant material used for building purposes. It is basically a sedimentary rock that consists of sand and grains of quartz together. It is available in many vivid varieties and colors. It is generally used for outdoor pathways and floor covering around living areas. They add a classy touch to whichever way they are implemented. They are fresh, beautiful and versatile in feature and characteristics. It can be used in many ways to add class and standard to your home and outdoor areas. The top five ways in which they can endow a sophisticated and brilliant look to your home are mentioned here under:

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1.    Indian Sandstone is frequently used for outdoor pavements. It is preferred as the ultimate choice for this not only because it adds a tough artistic feeling but also very strong and long lasting. It can bear up intense exposure of outside elements and even after that it maintains lifetime durability. It retains its look and freshness even after decades of installation although it requires proper maintenance on and off sometimes. The warm colors of sandstone look exceptionally brilliant with natural greenery of your outer pavements. They compliment every background and provide a beautiful base to your garden designs.

2.    They are also used to create beautiful and attractive garden features. Some of the best suited ideas for garden that can be crafted out of sandstone are:

•    It can be used to create raised garden beds which can help to add extra dimensions to garden.
•    It can create steps in your garden that can add texture to space of your garden.
•    You can create beautiful water wells from sandstone which will add a unique feature to your garden.

3.    Sandstone is considered ideal for pool handling purposes and nearby areas because they have an extraordinarily well water holding capacity. They have a non slippery characteristic and due to its additional feature of not being non slip when wet, it is considered highly safe and secure for child as well as for adults. The fresh colors of sandstone go enormously well with the serenity of pool adding a frame of warmth and modishness to the surrounding.

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4.    They are also used around ponds as they are able to hold up the force of water effortlessly. The beautiful sandstone provides a luxurious look and provides a classy and elegant appeal to your gardens. It is also helpful in adding an eye catching feature your outdoor galleries making it an even more desirable and popularly acknowledged stone.

5.    Indian Sandstone finds great application in wall coverings and surfaces for any outdoor areas or pavements. They are used for purposes like fencing the outdoors. They are even used for making columns as they have a brilliant characteristic of holding up the extensive contact of outside elements. It is considered as one of the best options for paving the pathways and as wall covering keeping in mind its high durability, attractive texture and finishing.