Sep 2

Buying Guide To Purchase Indian Marble Slabs Online

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Marble stone is formed from limestone, which is superheated to form its unique crystalline structure. There are over 50 color options in marble with different patterns to choose from when you are looking for marble slabs online. Marble countertop surfaces are known for their timeless beauty and elegance. It’s naturally cool in temperature and is also used for keeping workspaces temperature controlled.

Granite is one of the most used slabs when it comes to decorating the house, bathroom or kitchen. As far as marble products are concerned, one can find marble bowls, marble fountains, flower pots, jharokhas, pedestals, sofa sets, animal statues, marble temples, marble trays, marble benches, etc.

Properties of Marble Slabs

Indian marble slab

Uses of Marble Slabs: The use of marble slab stone is mainly found in the exterior cladding, flooring, stairway, kitchen countertop, walkways, etc. It is also used in sculpture as well as a decorative construction material.

The appearance of Marble Slab: The marble slab stone is in beautiful veins pattern, which also comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Besides, the colors vary in different earth-toned colors, including green, grey, pink, spotlessly white, etc.

Durability: The Indian Marble Slabs are more durable than granite, as it is a hard and dense stone.

Lustre: Due to the interaction of the slab with the light and heat, marble slab is found to have lustre. It has its effect on the shining part of the marble.

Porosity: Granite is less porous than marble as it absorbs lemon, vinegar and wine. This causes a permanent stain on the surface and the color might fade away. Hence, marble is less stain resistant than any other natural stone.

Indian marble slab flooring

Acid Resistance: Marble does not possess acidic resistance. Therefore, this leads to change or damage in the marble color and texture when it comes in contact with acidic contents.

Heat Resistance: Marble is a bad conductor of heat as compared to tile flooring. It remains cool in all degrees of temperature, making it an ideal choice for homes built in hot regions.

Scratch Resistance: Marble is a delicate. Hence, it is less resistant to scratch as compared to granite. If any kind of heavy item accidentally gets dropped on the surface of the marble, it may get damaged or lead to cracks on the surface.

Fire Resistance: Marble is not considered flammable. Therefore, marble is found to be a fire-resistant natural stone.

If you wish to take a close look at the various types of Indian Marble Slab online, you can visit
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