Jul 8

Indian Sandstone: The Rock with Multiple Benefits and Qualities

Posted on Jul 8, 2015

Indian sandstone is one of the most desirable building materials.  The Indian sandstone slab suppliers are very popular among the local retail housing agencies as well as international names. The colour of the Indian sandstone slabs is highly erratic. The variable texture of the stone makes it even more enviable. The colour of the sandstone is derived from the quartz. It is a colourless rock formation that imparts the transparent grain appearance to the Indian sandstone. The light-coloured Indian sandstone slabs contain high percentage of quartz. These set of stones are called Quartzose sandstones.

Red Sandstone
The oxides of iron and copper give the Indian sandstone slabs its characteristic pink and red colour. The haematite ore is the ingredient that makes the sand grains appear like red dots and mottled carpet. The light pink colour can be achieved by artificially introducing pigments into the layer. The red-bed of the Indian sandstone quarries also contains small traces of Lithic Sandstones. The Lithic sandstones impart the dark brown shade to the slabs. The volume of Lithic sandstone concentrations range between 4 per cent to 9 percent in most red bed quarries.

indian sandstone slabs
Carbonate Slabs
The Indian sandstone slabs also contain some amount of carbonate. This set of sandstones often grown as an outcrop and have a good colouration. The sandstone belonging to the silicate and carbonate groups are called calcite sandstone slabs. The Clastic slabs are made from calcite or coquina grains and silicate grains. They are often kept out of the traditional categories of naturally found Indian sandstone slabs.

Uses of Indian sandstone slabs

Indian sandstone slabs are used in following ways:-

Laying pavements
The sandstone slabs are strong building materials ideal for laying pavements and concrete roads.

Fireplaces and furnaces
The Indian sandstone slabs are used majorly in constructing the fireplaces and furnaces. The furnaces reach a temperature of over 800 degrees. The furnaces used in the industrial blast houses can reach a temperature in excess of 1200 degrees. The fireplaces and furnaces installed in domestic and industrial houses are lined by sandstone tiles as they can withstand high temperatures without getting cracked, burnt or damaged.

indian sandstone supplier

Road filling material
The grains made from grinding the Indian sandstone slabs are used as a road-filling material. It is also used in manufacturing high-grade concrete and filler.

Glass making
The sandstone slabs are rich source of quartz. The silica is extracted from the slabs and then used to manufacture glass. Semiconductor chips and carborundum are also made from the Indian sandstone slabs.

Grit stone manufacturing
Indian sandstone slabs are used to manufacture grit stones. They are primary grinding materials used in the industrial units. They are common in automotive segment, ship building and polycarbonate device manufacturing units.

Building of reservoirs, dumping grounds and acid holders
Acidic tanks and chemical containers are exclusively made from Indian sandstone slabs. These stone is highly resistant to the chemical’s erosive action. They are also used to build wells, Gobar gas plants, lead dumping units and plastic disposal tanks. There porous nature makes it ideal reservoir unit for storing hydrocarbons, petroleum and ground water.


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