Jun 29

Indian slate stone slabs: Turn your interior into a Royal treat with enticing ideas

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Have you ever noticed how delicate things have a world of their own? They are special in their own ways. The Indian slate stone belongs to this very category of natural stones.  The Indian slate stone slabs are loved for their enticing range of colours and patterns. The multi-mineral stone is actually an aggregate of crystalline grains and clay particles formed from sedimentary rocks under immense pressure.

If you have made up your mind about the Indian slate stone slabs, you must know some key facts about the natural stone that make it an ideal option for flooring, tiling and cladding at home.

The formative process: Is it a sedimentary rock?
No. The Indian slate stone slabs are not derived from sedimentary rocks. They are metamorphic rocks with fine grains distributed evenly with homogenous appearance. The slate stone is available in multiple colours owing to the differential oxidation and solidification of the clay and volcanic ash. The inner layers of the slate stone slabs can be best described as a colloidal structure solidified as a low-grade metamorphic rock.

indian slatestone slabs

What are the different colours available in the market?
Depending on the origin and the location of the stone quarry, the Indian slate stone slabs appear in different colours. The slate stone slabs come mostly in earthly colours of black, brown, Olive green, burnt ash, grey and blue-green. Depending on the depth of the mine, the Indian slate stone slabs may show mottling and dense spots. Slate stone slabs also come in shades of purple, sea greens, aquamarine and amber. These are rarest or rare rocks. The price of the Indian slate stone slabs depends on the colour, pattern, strength and density of spots on the surface. Lighter the shade, higher will be the price. At least, that is what the market trends reflect.

Weather proof material
The Indian slate stone slabs are resistant to external environmental conditions. It is best suited for terraces and open pavements in the garden. The value it brings to the terrace is simply beyond words. The slabs can be tiled or turned into chips of variable colours and patterns. The structures made of Indian slate stone slabs are used in roofs, floorings and panels along the building. It is a great building material for decorating the residential units, offices, board rooms, conference halls and auditoriums. Sports pavilions also feature exquisite architecture made of Indian slate stone slabs.

indian slatestone

Slate chip designs
The chips cut out of Indian slate stone slabs are sensational designer items. They are making rave statements in the international market where they feature largely as graffiti designs, creative patterns and pool logos. The European museums are full of frescos made of chips and tiles derived from the Indian slate stone slabs. The fountains in classical palaces of Europe still feature chips. The unparallel elegance and premium aesthetic appeal cone with a very big benefit. They last a lifetime and are very easy to install, maintain and replace.

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