Sep 27

Innovative And Creative Ways To Use Marble At Home

Posted on Sep 27, 2022

Marble brings forever beauty to your home with its elegant look and appearance. It makes your space look stunning and is a perfect interior used by many people around the world. If you are looking to renovate or build a new home then you have to know some creative and innovative ways to use marble. With Indian Marble Tiles & Slabs Exporters you can explore various types of material used for house construction. Here you will explore some practical and innovative ways to use marble.




Marble gives a sense of wealth to any space. It represents elegance and cleanliness. You can customize your marble flooring design according to the theme of your home. Marble is flexible to make any design on it. Generally, golden design is quite famous nowadays. You can also design your marble with patterns that suit your theme. Mirror cabinets in the bathroom are stunning when designed perfectly. Modern interior design is all about inlay’s effect. Surprisingly marble is capable to give amazing reflection when used as an onyx vanity counter. You can use this feature anywhere in your home like on stairs, on the bar, and in the kitchen.


Traditional marble jaalis


Designed marble jaalis are used for centuries by kings in India and they have great importance in Indian heritage architecture. they make everything look graceful and are a symbol of opulence. Luxury ornate columns of marble are better than anything! Yes, they are expensive but give your home a royal look—especially, when used in the bathroom for a bathtub with a semicircled canopy.


Combination of marble and wood


Marble gives elegance and shines in a particular space where wood gives a grounded and warm touch. Both when combined offer a fascinating touch. Mix and match marble with wooden stripes delivers a new unique and intense depth to the space. Customize your floor with the help of experts like Indian Marble Tiles & Slabs Exporters. They are not only offering every type of material for your home but also offer the best quality in the world market.


Marble in the kitchen


The whole white marble in the kitchen gives complements your kitchen. You can use marble as countertops, floors, and walls for partitions. The marble in the kitchen gives a clean and fresh touch. Marble as a tabletop in the dining room is better than anything else.




A Garden and a rooftop are great places to use marble as it is heat resistant, weather resistance, and water resistance. Also, you can make a whole seating arrangement with marble. It is entirely flexible for use as anything like a table, chair, or anything.


Marble With Travertine


Give your home a natural and elegant look with travertine cladding. Marble with travertine offers a great look and highlights your interior. You can also use travertine as a back panel to the LED or for indirect lights. If you are looking to enhance the look of your home with the best quality of material, then Marble Stone Tiles Supplier Jaipur is the best option for you.