Jun 18

Nurture the décor with Sandstone made products

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Sandstone products are timeless pieces of art and are the best medium to stay connected with age old history, thereby incorporating exotic style and beauty to the interior and exterior space. Various products chiseled out of sandstone block presents amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs and are available in different colors, sizes and finishes.

Garden Pillars:  Made from sandstones are crafted in antique finish or as per one’s taste to decorate gardens as well as big halls. They can also be used as permanent fixtures. These stone pillars are carved through hand or machinery and are given beautiful shapes which adorn the surrounding for ages.

Sandstone fountains and garden miniatures: The fountains and miniatures can be used for decorating indoor as well as outdoor space and are true works of art that increases their beauty manifold. They appear rugged which connects one’s soul to the history of stone carvers.

Sandstone Fireplaces: Sandstone of color yellow and red magnifies the beauty of fireplace as it matches with the flame radiating warmth and color. Sandstone being resistant to heat makes it best suited for fireplace area.

Stone sofa and benches: They are essential fixtures of garden area as they outlive wooden bench or furniture apart from adding up unique earthly appearance. Wooden or other material require high maintenance as are not resistant to all kinds of weather moreover these stone furniture can also be crafted as per the needs and taste of the customer.

Sandstone Tiles

Pots and vases: Enhance the look of interior as well as exterior decoration. These designer pots and vases exhibit exotic appeal in a stylish way. They accessorize the conservative as well as contemporary style and are ideal containers for growing plants. The natural stone is so crafted that these pots and vases can harmonize with the living room, lobby, balcony or any place one can think of adding greenery with style.

Sandstone Lamp Posts: They are intricately designed and are available in various colors to enhance the space. They are durable and an exemplary finish can light up one’s mood apart from the surroundings.

Sandstone Sculptures and Statues: These are chiseled creatively in appealing shapes and patterns which are attractive and smooth and are synonym of fine finish. They can add grace to garden area, halls, commercial places and various other places to highlight the décor.

Stone Jalis: They are beautifully carved according to the trend and taste of a customer and are available in dimensions and designs as per one’s taste. They are artistic and durable and the intricate pattern reminds one of the historical palaces where they were commonly found. These Jalis are now used as railings on the roof or as window as sandstone stands toughest and most durable for exterior use.

Sandstone Tiles: These are stylish and tough and can enhance the beauty of floors and walls and are available in wide range of colors.

Stepping stone: These contribute to boosting the overall outdoor décor and offer a firm surface for walking around the garden area. One need not bother about mud and dirt anymore and can walk leisurely without squashing plants.

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