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Posted on Nov 2, 2017

Natural slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic rock that is composed of volcanic ash and clay. It has a characteristic grey colour but it can also be found in cyan, purple and green.


Slate is the material of choice for tiling roofs. Due to its ability to withstand natural environmental damage such as rain and snow, it is one of the most commonly used material for roofs, floors and paving.


Why do many homeowners prefer to install slate floors in their homes?
Natural slate offers many benefits. These are:




Indian slate stone


Natural slate is inherently durable. It effectively resists breaks, cracks, chips and scratches. It doesn’t require any sealing for stains. When correctly installed and maintained, natural slate floors can last for decades and manage to maintain their look for that time. Slate is one of the few stones that need not to be replaced or removed and it is easily available. Indian Slate stone Slabs manufacturer also provide all kind of stone variety.




As mentioned earlier, natural slate occurs predominantly in grey, purple, green and cyan. Each individual slate tile is unique with its surface variations and gradations. No two slate tiles are exactly the same. This means when your slate floor is laid, it will appear original, earthy and definitely one-of-a-kind.




slate stone flooring


Slate is regarded as a high end flooring material. This is especially true for “Grade A” slate. As a result, if you install slate flooring, you can increase the real estate value of your home. Adding slate flooring is particularly sought after in areas like bathrooms and kitchens where foot traffic is quite high.




It’s natural that with time, your slate tiles may incur natural chipping, slating, and weathering or even experience a violent impact. Thankfully, broken and damaged slate tiles are easy to remedy as these can be easily repaired and restored to its original glory.
To ensure that your replacement tiles match the ones that are already laid, always hold on to extra tiles during the original installation. With time, natural slate tends to vary in appearance and colour. This can make it difficult for you to obtain tiles that exactly match the veins in the existing tiles.


Suitable for Radiant Heat Systems


slate stone


Natural slate is ideal for transmitting and retaining heat. This means you can easily install a radiant heating system underneath the surface of the tiles. During the winter months, you will wake up to toasty floors that are actually a pleasure to walk on, compared to cold and hard stone floors. In addition, since heat tends to rise, slate naturally transmits this warmth from the floor up, creating a warm and comfortable space.


Colour Variations


Slate is a natural stone, which means it has a wide variation in colour. If you’re after a perfectly matched floor, it is recommended you install tiles from the same batch. Each batch of slate varies slightly, particularly in the grain and saturation of the colour hues. The colour in some slate tiles are subdued while in others they are bright.