Apr 10

The varied uses of sandstone you must know

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Sandstone is one among those natural stone that people aren’t very aware of. Gradually sandstone is becoming one of the most preferred choices of the homemakers and interior designers. What makes sandstone highly graceful is the beautiful color and design options that it comes with that enhances the décor of the place.

If you don’t know, sandstone is composed of quartz, silica, rock grains, iron oxide and calcium carbonate which are some of the key cementing ingredients. It includes rock fragments, pieces, clasts and minerals that together make it durable and reliable.

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There are various beautiful bright and subtle color options available in sandstone tiles that can fit into any home décor. Some of the most preferred sandstone colors are white, brown, red, yellow, tan, and grey. There are many sandstone exporter in India, but whenever you go out there to purchase sandstone tiles for your home or office, it is always recommended to buy from a renowned and authentic Indian Sandstone floor manufacturer to avoid any sort of frauds.

The major manufacturer and exporter states of sandstone in India are Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These are the two leading sandstone supplier states in the country, though there are many other states where the business of sandstone is on the rise. Sandstone is a hard, homogeneous, compact and fine grained rock. They are weather resistant and are highly used for outdoor purposes in the construction of buildings and homes.

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Another very common use of sandstone is for the purpose of flooring. The unbeatable strength of this natural stone makes it an ideal stone to be used as a flooring material in shopping markets, malls, offices, and residences. As mentioned above, the beautiful colors and designs of sandstone make it a perfect choice for the construction of walls. If you aren’t aware, let us tell you some of the biggest examples of the monuments where sandstone has been used. These include the popular Hawa Mahal of the pink city Jaipur, the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the world famous Red Fort of New Delhi. They are live examples of the beautiful colors and durability of this stone.