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Top 5 Cleaning Regime for Granite Stones as Per Granite Suppliers

Posted on Mar 9, 2015

The granite suppliers have a tough work at hand, owing to the extensive use of chemical detergents and the disinfectants to cleanse and maintain the shine of the natural stones, the products are bound to disintegrate and have permanent stains. Granite has a versatile nature as it can be used in multiple locations. It can be used in the outdoor spaces with just as much ease and effect as in indoor zones. Bathroom wares, kitchen countertops and floorings are the ideal spots in the house where granite tiles are extensively used. Granite is microbe-resistant as it does not allow the water to seep into the gaps. They do not respond to the acidic disinfectants as they carry a polishing film over the surface done by the granite suppliers.

We tell you some key steps that the granite suppliers recommend to the users in maintaining the stones.

1   Installation procedure:

Installation of granite tiles requires elaborate inspection. Owing to the water resistance, the space below the tile has to be absolutely dry so that moisture does not set in and allow the growth of bacteria. Cleaning of the foundation surface is done using blow dry. Another key thing that granite tiles suppliers ensures while installing them is removal of the surface sheath stuck above them.

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2   Test the sealants:

All granite tiles suppliers offer their product with sealant cover. Test the reputation of the suppliers by doing a small water test over the surface. Place the granite tiles on the floor and sprinkle water over them. Let it stay there for a while. If the water drop stays there, the tile is protected by the sealants. If the water seeps into the tile and leaves a stain on the surface, replace the tile and the supplier. The quality of the tiles and the inspection of the tiles done by the suppliers are not reliable and won’t last long.

The polished granite tiles can be further protected using impregnator. They work well with the honed and textured granite tiles. The sealants fall under the category of porous regents.

3   Cleaning the granite tiles:

The granite tiles used as kitchen countertops require regular attention. Use the granite stone cleaners recommended by the suppliers. The neutral cleaners recommended by the suppliers are developed and manufactured by the research teams themselves in collaboration with the chemical industries.

4   Removing the stains:

Though granite is fairly resistant to grime and stains, there is a certain possibility of them getting damaged by scratches and the regular dropping and placing of utensils over them. Mostly, the metallic units scrub against the granite surface leaving rusty stains on them. Using stain removal on the granite tiles ensure that the area remains ageless even years after installing them.

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5   Waxing and polishing:

Granite tiles may get faded and scuffed after some years due to foot falls, dropping of heavy items, placing hot objects and chemical reactions. Using wax and polishes over the floors made of granite tiles can keep them glossy and shiny with mirror-like finish.

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