Jul 11

Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Granite is Popular than Ever

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

Indian granite tiles are heavy duty natural stones used as a building material, in addition to applications in floor lining, kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks and pillars. They are also used in sculpting and fountain making. Ranked in the same category as Indian marbles and limestone, here are 5 reasons why Indian granite tiles are selling more than ever before.

1. Available in abundance
Indian granite tiles are available in extraordinary quality and fairly rich quantities. In India, granites are found across the country. They are also a major source of artificial granite varieties, often recycled from the smaller pebbles, construction stones, mosaic shells, sand and resins. Even in sluggish raw material market, Indian granite tiles never go out of stock.

2. Easy and high-speed processing
Indian granite tiles are easy to process and finish from their natural quarries. The development tools are designed to create immaculately cut slabs and tiles for various industry segments- commercial building, domestic housing, luxury hotels and sculpture making.

The technology used to process industry-accepted granite tiles is based on sophisticated high-speed diamond blade saws and cutters. Unlike other stones, use of high precision tools in granite processing doesn’t cause lot of wastage. In fact, Indian granite tiles category is the most productive segment of the natural stone industry.

3. Uniformity and consistency of properties
According to Indian granite Suppliers, the granite tiles are preferred for areas that are subjected to heavy force and extensive corrosion. They resist scratching and grinding. Moreover, they can be easily refurbished with other tiles in case the original tile chips away or cracks. Buyers can hardly make out if the stone is assembled or processed artificially. The consistency of the refurbished Indian granite tiles and slabs give the dealers an edge in selling off their stock products without compromising on quality, consistency and reputation.

4. Large-scale pavement and installations
Indian granite tile is the top choice for large-scale installations. The consistency of size, shape and uniform layering makes them easy to lay and finish. Unlike marble, that require an additional finishing after installation, Indian granite tiles only require a little sealing along the linings. The ease of working with granites make them instant choice for large scale applications in shopping malls, restaurants, resorts and amphitheatres, airports, resorts, subways and footpaths.

5. Zero radioactivity
Some natural stone materials may contain significantly amount of zircon and thorium, especially if they are have higher quantity of silica in them. Indian granite tiles on the other hand have absolutely no radioactivity in them. They comply with the international standards for radioactivity control. This is the exact reason why granite tiles feature extensively in health care facilities and nursing rooms.

Other worthy points that make Indian granite tiles such a saleable decorative building material are:

  • Superior colour and gloss retention
  • High intensity
  • Minimum loss of strength with years of use
  • 1/10th the weight of marble, and hence easy to transport, install and replace

So if you are planning to replace your older stone materials with something really durable, granite tiles tile supplied by Indian Granite Wholesalers fit in perfectly in the inventory.