Sep 2

Top 6 Tips on Marble Flooring Maintenance

Posted on Sep 2, 2016

Marble is considered the most beautiful of all the natural stones available and rightly so. The beautiful and historic monument of Taj Mahal is testimony to its position among the most sought after natural stones. It is a symbol of luxury and regality and finds place in houses, office, malls, hotels etc. But as much opulence the marble has, its equally a fragile stone and requires proper care and maintenance. The stone easily develops small cracks upon impact and gets attacked by different chemicals leading to loss of shine and coloration. Hence, it is necessary to know how to take proper care of marble.

So, to help you out a bit, we list down the tips for maintaining your marble flooring in perfect condition. These tips are given by leading Indian Marble Exporters.

1    Avoid grit
Its natural and obvious for any sort of flooring to accumulate dirt and grit over the period of a day as people and items constantly move in and out. This brings foreign particles along with it. Grit and other sharp particles can be particularly problematic for marble. Grit tends to scrape along when dusted even with the slightest of pressure resulting in scratches on the marble floor. It is therefore advised to avoid any sort of grit to be allowed in. The best way to block such foreign particles is by placing a door mat of good quality wherever foot traffic is heavy. This helps to keep most of the grit outside thus saving your flooring from being damaged.

indian marble

2    Clean with dry and clean cloth
Despite taking measures, some dirt is supposed to come inside and settle on the flooring which is inevitable. Therefore, whenever you clean it, remember to use a dry and clean piece of cloth. This is to ensure that the grit particles do not get stuck in the cloth and scrape the surface. Also put light pressure when cleaning

3    Avoid strong cleaners
Since marble is basically a calcium carbonate depository rock, it reacts strongly with any sort of chemical. Using floor cleaners which contain chemicals like acids and other hard compounds can lead to loss of sheen. The marble flooring will also get dull and discolored if used in excessive quantities and frequently.

4    Use neutral cleaners
Any acidic or alkaline substance can damage your beautiful marble flooring and hence it is recommended to use a cleaner with a neutral pH value. These cleaners clean effectively and are gentle on the marble surface at the same time.

indian marble wholesaler

5    Warm water as alternate cleaner
If you cannot get a neutral cleaner, then warm water is the best solution for marble cleaning and wiping. Warm water doesn’t react, cleans nicely and helps you maintain the floor shine. However, the water should be changed frequently and the surface should be wiped with a dry cloth afterwards to avoid streaking.

6    Avoid dropping objects
Dropping of sharp objects should be strictly avoided on a marble surface as it can crack easily and lead to permanent damage. Shifting of heavy items is also not recommended due to scratches and loss of shine. Hence, items should be lifted and then placed gently if the need arises.


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