Mar 8


Posted on Mar 8, 2019

As Wikipedia defines and describes it, a stone slab, for that matter, any natural stone slab is composed of a big stone, flat and of little thickness that are generally used for paving floors, for covering walls or as headstones. These natural wonders have been used extensively for architectural and decorative purposes. Each variety of stone has displayed its own distinctive features which make them unique and exclusive. That is why till date, stone slabs never lost their charm for the man, who, with his ingenuity and talent created synthetic solutions too but then who can beat the natural beauty.


India has its rich sources of natural stones in various parts of the country. Indian Sandstone boasts of abundant sources which make India as one of the leading suppliers of this stone that has created some of the most beautiful structures of the world. This is the stone that represents sophistication, elegance and loveliness, whenever and wherever it has been put to use. Indian Sandstone Slabs have made many ‘love at first sight’ moments for their admirers all across the globe. Sandstone slabs are found naturally in the deserts. That is why Rajasthan, the desert state of India has the richest sources of this natural stone.



Durability, luxury, great looks and unique designs are some of the advantages of installing this fabulous stone slabs as kitchen countertops or wall cladding or for various other uses. They are available in different varieties acquired from different quarries in India in array of colours and shades to create the desired effect in commercial as well as domestic structures. These eco-friendly slabs have relatively low carbon footprint as there is no chemical waste. Not only this, they add to the excitement of any interior designer as their textures and styles give a wide choice to them to create a space that spells luxury, opulence and comfort at the same time.


These slabs, apart from being gifted with longevity, strength and durability also contribute in increasing the value of the place where they are installed, not only aesthetically but also financially. These slabs have proven their versatility in many ways. This is one of the reasons of this stone with amazing range of colours like red sandstone, buffed or black to be considered as the future choice of the world. Their visual appeal creates a sensation beyond comparison and also a perfectly balanced blend of rustic and modern style.



We at Elegant Natural Stones know how to create that hypnotic effect with these splendid Indian Sandstone Slabs that will give a novel and exquisite look to the exteriors or interiors of any structure. We promise superior quality slabs in the desired shape and size as are required by our customers. We also have a profound variety in the colours that will definitely add to our customers’ delight. We supply as well as export our sandstone slabs anywhere across the globe and our incredible packing delivers our products, safe and undamaged. Our online store gives our customers the freedom to go through our products at length and also to find more about our credibility before deciding to place their trust in the leading stone suppliers of India. Visit us to know the difference.


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