Apr 21

Why Architects Just Love Indian Slatestone Slabs

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Indian slatestone slabs are the silent winners that are rapidly making inroads in to the modern day home designs. It is one stone that makes a lot of sense given the fact that you may not have a lot of time to maintain its gloss and surface finish. Indian slatestone slabs offer timely delivery with amazing balance of traditional building features and contemporary styling. The Indian slatestone slabs are guaranteed natural stones that can outperform even the most reputed strength materials. Despite its natural exuberance, the Indian slatestone slabs is very much compatible with the artificial and semi—natural products that are used as composite building materials these days. Slatestone slabs are definitely the surest medium to give an extraordinary touch to the architecture and building idea.

Use in Multiple Locations
Indian slate stone slabs are offered as part of an extensive landscape material that comes with energetic appeal and low cost installation. The slabs are ready-to-sail consignments and are available in large volumes. They meet the International standards of building construction. As granite and limestone slabs are considered heavy for tall buildings, Indian slatestone slabs are the obvious solution that most architects vouch for. They are used in sills, treads, wall claddings, wall caps and landscape designing for both the external and interior ambience. They play the perfect companion to the building materials like concrete, bricks, lava stones and even pebbled walls.

Network of Incredible Partners and Service Providers
The Indian slatestone slabs are available across the world through carefully selected and indigenously managed team of partners. They are responsible for the fabrication, quality inspection, packaging and transportation to the retail outlets. Some wholesaler distributors are also part of the whole syndicate supporting the manufacturers of Indian slatestone slabs. Most international partners specialize in the cut stone fabrication technique. This is the major reason why global architects of International acclaim rely on the services of the Indian slatestone slabs exporters.

Top-Grade Fabrication Process: Environment Friendly
In addition to the custom-cut slatestone slabs, the production of veneers is also important aspect of the fabrication process. It ensures highest quality and lowest chance of material failure during installation and usage. The slatestone slabs coming from India are extracted from the quarries with environment-friendly techniques. They cause minimal pollution of the water and land. Moreover, every process of stone extraction is carried out with highly efficient methods. It saves resources, time, money and effort. Most of the process is carried out as part of a highly specialized automation process. With zero human intervention at any stage of the manufacturing and the engineering process, the chances of risks have been placed at zero accident zones.

Advantages of Buying Slatestone slabs
The advantage of using the Indian slatestone slabs are majorly related to the efficiency of the home building materials. They keep the interior temperatures at optimized levels at hence save the cost of running a heating system or an air conditioning system.
The manufacturers and exporters create a healthy and dynamic relationship with the clients. The use of stone harvesting process in the quarries and inventory storage creates a balance between the nature, society and the economy.

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