May 15

Why to choose Indian Limestone Slabs for your home project

Posted on May 15, 2020

Designing the perfect house can either be joy or trouble depending on how you go about it. Knowing how you want your house to feel is a great start to any part of the project and can easily be attainable with the right materials. When it comes to interior design, the stone is an eternally popular finish material, especially in homes and gardens. This is where limestones can come into play and help add that special touch to any home or garden projects.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate in the form of mineral calcite and aragonite. Usually, it is an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of the shell, coral, algal and faecal debris. The chemically formed limestones are made from precipitation of calcium carbonate from lakes or ocean waters. Limestones are generally available in crystalline or granular form mainly depending on the way they are formed. Limestone is available in a wide variety of earthy tones, including soft greys, creams, beiges, yellows, and browns. It’s also available in variation, including veining and speckling with finish options like leather, honed or glass.

Romans and Greeks used limestone to create statues and buildings, and lots of these creations still stand today. There are other landmarks across the planet made up of limestone due to its reliability as a durable stone. Limestone is the most natural choice when you are choosing to invest into something that is meant to last for a very long time. The strong, dense stone has few pores, which suggests it won’t scratch, freeze, or change over time.

Limestone is usually chosen over other materials because it’s more cost-effective. It is a material found in abundance all over the world, though it’s heavier than some, it is simpler to transport or install limestone slabs. When looking into materials for a home, it is important to consider the long-term effects. Limestone is cost-effective upfront, also it lasts for several years and would not need to be replaced.

Overall Beauty
The Indian limestone slabs come in a variety of colours. Pure limestone is almost white, but it’s produced in several finishes which will make it cream, black, brown, pink, red, and even gold. The variability within the stones is breathtaking and may spice up any home. Availability of different colours makes it easier for most owners to pick the variety of stone that suits their existing style. Therefore, the stone can bring out colour or blend into a home with ease.

Property Value Appreciates
There are many things that can be done at home to boost their overall value. Installing limestone materials is one such project. Potential buyers know that limestone lasts for a very long time and that they are willing to pay more for a home that has it. Its aesthetics also adds appeal to the house and takes it from good to great.

In India, there are numerous varieties of limestone available which include tiger limestone, K blue limestone, K brown limestone, J yellow limestone, C black limestone, C black honed, lime pink and lime green limestone, polished Kota brown, gold limestone and lot more. Elegant natural stones are the leading supplier of Indian limestone slabs in India and abroad. We at ENS provide high quality customised orders of limestones. You can contact us or drop a query and we will revert to your query promptly.