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Qualities to Check for While Buying Granite Stone Table Bases?

Posted on Jul 20, 2022

Confused with the process of buying the right granite stone table base? Granite has been in use for decades and is admired by all.

However, as it comes in different shapes, sizes and colours, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

And as quality matters the most, one must really consider a few things in mind. So before you start shopping for granite from any Granite Stone Table Bases Supplier, make sure to check for these qualities.


1. The Size


Before buying granite stone, make sure the dimension matches the actual size.

Undoubtedly size plays an important role in the quality as Indian Sandstone Slabs come in various shapes such as rectangular, square and even customized.

Also the tolerance in breadth, length and thickness must not be more than 1 mm or 15% of the actual thickness. Be it for any requirement, the thickness must be 15 to 20 mm.


2. The Colour


Besides, having a consistent thickness, they must have a homogeneous crystalline structure and colour.

If the material produces colour, it means it has artificial colour. You can examine this by rubbing a piece of cloth in kerosene or gasoline.

Also, granite Indian Sandstone Slabs that quickly absorb lemon juice are not made of high quality due to high porosity.


3. Look for Cracks and Strength


Another thing to do is keep an eye out for natural pits and hairline cracks. Remember, it should be solid, dense and firm.

You can examine the hardness by pressing the stone with a hard object. If stone chips break off the slab, the stone should be rejected.

The corner must be clean, and precise and the top layer should be free, straight and free from holes and broken edges.

Besides, you can also find out how such flaws influence the stone and whether they can hurt by asking Natural Stone Handicraft India‘s fabricator.


4. Scratch Resistance


Another factor to consider is to examine cutting and polishing quality. This means edges should be cut by hand or machine and one face should be properly polished.

However, you can scrape the surface with a coin. If scratches appear, the polishing is likely of low quality because granite lasts longer with a good polish.

It should be water cut and not have a circular mark on the slab’s back.


5. Heat Resistance


When heated granite countertops won’t melt or blister. Without risk, hot pots from the oven can be set immediately on the tabletop.

Choose granite countertops with no seams. Even though these cost more, they look better than those that have seams.

This is because seams are okay when your countertop is put first, but they tend to get worse as time passes. As a result, it may cause you to want a new countertop in five or ten years.



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