Jun 21

Which Material is Best for Exterior Wall Cladding?

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

The changing weather and technological advancements are moving construction industries to enhance the interiors and a building’s exterior. One such introduction is wall cladding, which gives your property an aesthetic look while improving its efficiency in fighting against mould spores and extreme weather elements and protecting the walls over time by providing it additional mechanical strength. There are many more benefits to wall cladding, but how do you choose the best material?


Let us look at some materials which are best for exterior wall cladding at your home-


What is Wall Cladding?
Wall cladding is simply the process of layering one material over the other. You can clad both interior and exterior walls to protect them from several elements that can harm the property. Various wall cladding materials ranging from tiles to wood are available in the market for you to choose from, depending on your preference and requirements.


Why Use Wall Cladding?
Wall cladding provides an aesthetic look and increases the property value. The additional layer improves the mechanical strength of the house, giving it resistance to harsh environmental elements. The extra layer provides excellent insulation from heat, water, and sound. The reduced maintenance and insulation from environmental elements make it a very cost-efficient option.


Which Material to Use for Exterior Wall Cladding?
Material #1- Sandstone: Indian sandstone slabs are natural stones preferred by most homeowners owing to their durability. You can use sandstone on both the exterior and interior walls of your home. Moreover, you can also use sandstone wall cladding in your rooms to add extra oomph.


Material #2- Travertine: The natural travertine stone is very commonly found in most tile suppliers in India. They are durable, porous, and non-slippery in texture. They provide a rustic look to the walls. Many colours are available for travertine, including beige, brown, red, walnut, ivory, and gold. Once sealed, these colours never fade.


Material #3- Limestone: Indian limestone slabs have been used as coatings to protect walls from harsh external elements from ancient times. Today, limestone is the most preferred choice for wall cladding due to its durability, long life, and exotic appearance.


Material #4- Granite: Granite stones have an elegant, sophisticated look that combines with resistance to heat and scratches, making them perfect for use from floors to walls. It has a flecked appearance, and the designs on its surface cannot be duplicated.


Material #5- Slate: The natural finish of earth tones on slate makes it an excellent choice for wall cladding material. They have different hardness, porosity, and strength levels and are fire-proof and slip-resistant. They are cost-efficient and are available in dark grey, black, greenish grey, ocean grey, and purple-grey tones.


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